Give Giverny

Poons disappeared?

no, he is painting the underside of the bridge

Oh, I see

it’s the way it has to be

Tom Sawyered, maybe?

if it were to be the case then, Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyered


anyhow, it’s his turn


Drive-in movie-goers
In their cars of yore

Paintings painted on canvas white

Today’s parking lot-slotted drivers
Catching wi-fi from the shops and stores

Paintings painted on canvas light

Seem sim-similar more and more in
The enlightened blaze of electromagenta

Poem Anachronia

Free States

The strangeness of
Pieter de Hooch’s The Courtyard of a House in Delft 

Which was obviously Photoshopped

And thought to have predated and influenced
Vermeer’s The Little Street

Which was obviously not Photoshopped

Leads me to believe
The second was painted Camera Vermeera


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