Give Giverny

Poons disappeared?

no, he is painting the underside of the bridge

Oh, I see

it’s the way it has to be

Tom Sawyered, maybe?

if it were to be the case then, Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyered


anyhow, it’s his turn

Nuance de Distance


The trireme that sliced through
Julienned intents meant as would
I came as another to see your side
Not willing certain truths to confide

Woven metal was your mast
Crow’s nest high enough to see days’ past
Ship of the line, you were sighted
Broadside I was met, as lowly pirate

Metal necklaces coursing in air
“Dare come as another,” was your stare
Rigging falling, tangled in net
I reeled from salvoed attacks as wit

Your guides locked in their gated keeps
Buried in sheets fathoms deep
Most men your catch wriggling on deck
Ocean’s different, I was clipper in wreck

Where was the expected as lady docile
Instead, tiger tattering sails as bombshells
But, I remembered your birthday so rare
Ordered the sun’s seconds as Camembert

Where parallels last, but last not for long
“Cleverness has a reward” is your song
That wakes ripples always become
These ever reversed, fate’s wind begun

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